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Soundproof Ceiling Installation Sydney

Sydney Metro plastering offers high quality soundproof ceiling installation Sydney wide. Our team of professional plasterers Sydney are available to work on all types of residential and commercial premises. Whether you need an acoustic rated ceiling for your home, apartment, townhouse or business, we can provide Soundproof Ceiling Installation solutions that reduce noise and make your spaces more comfortable than ever.

We are happy to provide a quote that combines soundproof ceiling installation, cornice installation as well as any of our other residential and commercial plastering services. Get in touch with us at any time to find out more about our soundproofing gyprock and ceiling insulation Sydney wide or to receive your quote!

Soundproof Ceiling Installation Process

Step 1 - When implementing ceiling soundproofing, we begin with the installation of acoustic clips called "Resilient Mounts.” These clips are specially designed to reduce the transfer of vibrations through to the new ceiling.

Step 2 - New Steel battens called “furring channels” can then be clipped into the soundproof resilient mounts. The resilient mounts isolate the furring channels to reduce noise transfer into the acoustic plasterboard finish.

Step 3 - At this point it’s critical that we ensure all furring channels are covered. These channels play a key role in dampening sound transference, and proper ceiling soundproofing installation ensures the best performance.

Step 4 - Two layers of 16mm acoustic rated plasterboard are then screwed and glued to the channels underneath. Our professional soundproofing Sydney specialists stagger joints by at least 300mm to reduce transference.

Step 5 - Finally, joints in the plasterboard are then concealed and sanded by our team of soundproof ceiling installation experts. Your acoustic ceiling can now be painted and finished with cornices and other details!

Residential and Commercial Soundproof Ceiling Installation

As our cities expand upwards, more and more of us find ourselves living and working in confined spaces. One of the biggest challenges that come with apartments, townhouses and offices is noise from surrounding tenancies. From simple footsteps to voices, machine noise, construction work and more, a noisy home can make your life seriously uncomfortable.

Soundproof ceiling installation is the most effective way of reducing unwanted noise and creating a much more peaceful living experience. Acoustic rated ceilings use a combination of noise and vibration control to minimise the amount of sound that’s transferred through the ceiling.

Sydney Metro Plastering works with acoustic ceiling products from some of Australia’s leading manufacturers. Our soundproof ceiling systems make it simple to install acoustic ceilings in all homes, apartments, townhouses and commercial buildings. We tailor our soundproof ceiling installation to suit your exact needs, and our high quality products can go a long way to managing noise in your home or business.

How Much Does Soundproof Ceiling Installation Cost?

You can expect to pay approximately $200 per square metre to soundproof the ceiling in a 2-bedroom apartment. This cost includes the price of labour and materials – including metal frames, acoustic insulation and two layers of 16mm sound-rated plasterboard. The actual cost of your project can vary widely depending on the soundproofing system you use, the design of your property and the finish you’re trying to achieve.

Sydney Metro Plastering always provides comprehensive quotes before we take on any soundproof ceiling installation work. We’ll let you know which options are suitable for your space and supply transparent pricing to help you make your decision. We have access to products from Australia’s leading suppliers, and we can also offer upgrades to higher quality acoustic insulation products from GreenGlue.

How Much Noise Does a Soundproof Ceiling Stop?

High quality soundproof ceiling installation should make most regular noises inaudible. Things like footsteps, talking and water drainage noises should be greatly reduced by the acoustic barrier we’ve installed.

It’s important to understand no system is perfect, and some amount of sound will still pass through the acoustic barrier. Additionally, noise will still travel through the walls of your home or business, so you may still be able to hear your neighbours. You can opt to install soundproofing on your walls if you are concerned about noise from the surrounding tenancies.

The best soundproofing ceiling solution for most apartments and townhouses is to combine soundproof ceiling installation with acoustic wall panelling. Ceiling soundproofing will reduce the noise in your spaces as much as possible, creating the peaceful living experience you’re looking for! Simply get in touch with Sydney Metro Plastering to find out more or to get a quote on your project, whether it's for ceiling installation or wall repairs, we've got you covered. 

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